Production facility

Relying on state-of-the-art technology as well as highly skilled traditonal craftspeople, Bildau and Bussmann combines the best of both worlds in our unique approach to production.

The precision of our fully automated production lines is complemented by detail-oriented manual work. This combination enables us to maintain consistent quality control throughout the entire production process.

The first step is to hand-select the appropriate window scantlings for each order. These are then milled in our CNC machines with exterior as well as inner profiles that will accommodate the respective hardware. Next, the individual pieces are glued together to form window and sash frames with dowel joints. Once again, our carpenters cast their trained eyes over each piece and make minor corrections if necessary.

The assembled timber units are coated in a multi-step procedure. First, softer woods are primed against fungal and insect infestation in an immersion bath. Then, a water-soluble primer, mid-coat, and finishing coat are sprayed on by hand. This elaborate process results in the most durable and moisture-resistant finish possible.

Following a slow and controlled drying, the fittings and weatherstripping are installed. Then the most critical step begins – the glazing itself. The wet silicone glazing used as the standard on our all-wood windows requires extremely skilled workmanship. For aluminium-clad units, the glazing and the installation of the aluminum shell are done together in the same step. In this case dry weatherstripping provides the best seal, which can however be supplemented and reinforced by a silicone bead on request. In the case of fixed glazing we use a removable glass stop system (“G-Fix”) which enables glass units to be easily replaced from the inside should the need arise, and also eliminates the need for visible screws or brads.

The final step entails quality control and labelling. After that, all window and door elements are packed on pallets to be transported to your construction site by truck, train, ship or plane.

You can get a closer look at our production facilities in our video tour. We also invite you to visit in person any time to gather your own impressions of our facilities.

Production video

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