Patterned glass

Clear or tinted patterned glass- SGG DECORGLASS.

The patterns shown here represents only a small sample of the selection and variety possible with SGG DECORGLASS.
The light transmission factor of clear DECORGLASS is 80%-90% depending on pattern and thickness.

If your customer cannot find a sample from our listed selection, please let us know your preferred pattern and color and we will check on its availability.

SGG Abstracto

ID: 001/000

SGG Altdeutsch F

ID: 002/000

SGG Altdeutsch K

ID: 004/000

SGG Antique

ID: 046/000

SGG Arena C

ID: 016/000

SGG Arena C

ID: 110/000

SGG Arte

ID: 008/073

SGG Baldosa Grabada

ID: 011/000

SGG Basket

ID: 056/000

SGG Croco

ID: 018/000

SGG Estriado

ID: 042/000

SGG Fleur de Lys

ID: 112/000


ID: 044/073


ID: 104/000

SGG Kathedral Max

ID: 054/000

SGG Kathedral Min

ID: 053/000


ID: 055/000

SGG Listral A

ID: 059/000

SGG Listral F

ID: 061/000

SGG Listral H

ID: 062/000

SGG Listral K

ID: 063/000

SGG Listral M

ID: 043/000

SGG Madera

ID: 066/073

SGG SR Madera

ID: 103/000

SGG Maris

ID: 114/000

SGG Monumental M

ID: 071/000

SGG Monumental S

ID: 072/000

SGG Nemo

BID: 115/000

SGG SR Paint

ID: 105/000

SGG Punteado

ID: 087/000

SGG Sahara

ID: 088/000

SGG Silvit

ID: 088/000

SGG Spotlyte

ID: 089/000

SGG SR Listral L

ID: 090/000

SGG SR Silvit

ID: 107/000

SGG Thela

ID: 113/000

SGG Waterdrop

ID: 101/000
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