Felix, Maximilian and Martin Bildau


In 1987, Martin Bildau and Ludger Bussmann founded the carpentry shop Bildau & Bussmann in former West-Berlin. When Ludger Bussmann left the company 6 years later, Martin Bildau took over its management as the sole shareholder. In the early years, the company’s activities focused on historic preservation.
We have upheld our tradition of manufacturing windows and doors according to historical models to this day. It represents a separate product line within the company.
A highlight of this line – especially for us as a Berlin-based company – has been the construction of the portal windows and entrance gates for the historical reconstruction of the Berlin City Palace in 2016-2019. This project is considered one of the most challenging reconstruction projects in European wood window construction.
In 1995 we began manufacturing modern wood and wood-aluminum windows with insulating glazing and have expanded several such production lines since then. With our current production capacity, Bildau & Bussmann has a secure standing in the foremost group of European window manufacturers.
We intentionally refrain from expanding our product range to include PVC or aluminum windows, as we consider the wooden window to be the superior product in terms of sustainability and prefer to stay focused on this market.
As of 2003, we have expanded our sales activities to include international markets with distribution in Europe, North America and Asia.

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