Finishes Aluminum

Cladding and other aluminum accessories are available in powder coated or anodized finishes.
A faux-wood grain finish is also an option. The possibilities in terms of color, gloss level and surface texture are nearly unlimited.
In the powder coating process, a layer of pigment is first applied to the exposed aluminum. This is then baked onto the surface at temperatures of up to 480 F (250°C), forming a permanent bond with the aluminum and protecting it from scratches and corrosion.

Anodizing is an electrochemical process, the electrolytic oxidation of aluminum. In contrast to coating processes, nothing is applied to the workpiece, but rather the surface is converted into an oxide when immersed into a diluted sulfuric acid solution. The aluminum treated in this way can be tinted and is likewise more resistant to scratching and rust.

Aluron Color Collection 2

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