Public and commercial

City Palace, Humboldtforum, Berlin, Germany

Paris, France

Walden Ponds, the Thoreau Society Center, Concord MA, USA

Article about Walden Ponds by Linda Doss

Boulevard MacDonald, Paris, France

Munich, Germany

Joinery with untreated larch windows

Petit Lancy, Geneva, Switzerland

Public school with operable sash single hung windows.

Oderbergerbad, Berlin, Germany

Lancy, Switzerland

Nantes, France

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Minnewaska VC, NY, USA

Strasbourg, France

Charter School, NYC, USA

Geneva, Switzerland

Margot, Eure-et-Loire, France

Jardin Robinson, Geneva, Switzerland

© Federal Studio

Geneva, Switzerland

Aigues Vertes, Geneva, Switzerland

Berlin, Germany

Evangelische Krankenhaus Koenigin Elizabeth Herzberge (Protestant Hospital Queen Elizabeth Herzberge): modern energy saving windows built according to historical precedent.

Karlshorst, Berlin, Germany

Residential building cooperative

Warsaw, Poland

Historic administration building.

Berlin, Germany

Commercial building with double box windows utilizing our standard profile IV69 inside and outside designed to historical precedents.


Solar Energy Forum

Potsdam, Germany

Berlin, Germany

A Bauhaus style Public School building from the 1920’s.  Replacement of over 500 double-glazed box windows with 12 to 16 true divided lites per unit in accordance with strict historical guidelines.

Berlin, Germany

Charité Hospital in Berlin.  We provided over 1500 box double windows to replace the historical fenestration.

Berlin, Germany

Berlin, Germany

Humboldt University of Berlin – historically accurate replacement of approximately 700 double box windows with elaborate decorative elements.

Berlin, Germany

Restoration or replacement of historic windows and doors for the Hamburger Bahnhof  Museum for Contemporary Art in Berlin.

Ciachin, Poland

Historically adapted windows with modern sealed double glazed lites.

Kommandantur, Berlin, Germany

Potsdam, Germany

Marmorpalais (Marble Palace), Potsdam, a UNESCO World Heritage Site: partial and/or complete window and door restorations accurate to 17th Century specifications.

Rheinsberg, Brandenburg, Germany

Schloss Rheinsberg (Rheinsberg Palace): replacement and/or reconstruction of double box windows, single windows, and doors in accordance with strict historical guidelines.

Moutier, Switzerland

Geneva, Switzerland

New York, USA

Lack, Poland

Berlin, Germany

Plock, Poland

Berlin, Germany

Warschau, Poland

Potsdam, Germany

Window replacement with historically accurate double box windows to match the existing patterns.

Berlin, Germany

Historically accurate replacement of early 20th Century windows.

Berlin, Germany

Exact replacement of 20th Century curved glass units.

Berlin, Germany