Wooden Windows

Wood windows are typically produced in Sash and Frame thicknesses of 68 mm (2 3/4″) , 79 mm (3 1/8″) and 90 mm (3 5/8″) to accommodate three-layer insulated glass. 
Visible Sash widths are normally 79 mm (3 1/8″), but can be produced between 69 mm (2 3/4″ and 136 mm (5 3/8″).

We make all our windows to your designs, in practically any dimension.  Limitations on sizes are determined by glass sizes available, solar coatings, and the inter-layer in the case of laminated glass. With insulated units we can make your windows and doors up to 2700 mm (8′-10″) X 5000 mm (16′-5″), when using tempered glazing: windows 3200 mm (10′-6″) X 6000 mm (19′-8″) can be built, and by utilizing laminated glass: windows 2800 mm (9′-2″) X 6000 mm (19′-8″) are possible.

Illustrations of cross sections can be found under Service / Downloads

IV79 Standard

The IV79 Standard is our basic window. Utilizing our internally produced and quality assured glue-laminated lumber provides superior strength, stability, and resistance to warping and surface cracking. The aluminum sash drip channels water away from the sash and insures that the window remains impervious to the elements. The sash is designed to accommodate 3-layer glass, offering a window assembly with superior energy conservation characteristics.

IV79 Historic

These windows feature an exterior sash drip sill of wood.  In addition, the sash form and sash dividing bars can be provided and modified to meet historical precedents or to match existing conditions.

Simulated Double Hung

Our Simulated Double Hung mimics the aesthetics of a traditional American double hung while offering the comfort and superior performance of a European tilt-turn window. The upper glass pane is a direct set which also functions as a horizontal post for the lower tilt-turn sash.
Our SDH has been approved by the NYC landmarks council for use in traditional landmark buildings.


A “state of the art” energy saving window with a thermally broken sash drip.

Balcony door

Balcony doors are manufactured with tracks of the highest quality for years of trouble free use and and are designed to prevent air and water infiltration. All Balcony doors are glazed with safety glass and are available with a wide array of glazing options to meet environmental requirements.

French door

French doors are Balcony doors that pivot and can be specified as either in-swing or out-swing operation.  All Balcony doors are glazed with safety glass and are available with a wide array of glazing options.  They are available singly, as a pair, or in groups of singles and pairs.

Folding Door

Folding doors are similar to Balcony doors but with special tracks that allow the doors to pivot and fold flat against each other. Multiple kinds of track are available depending on the specific application.

Lift & Slide Door

Lift and Slide Doors resemble Balcony doors but have the advantage that multiple leafs can be operated simultaneously.  They are frequently found in groups of three doors, of which two of the leafs slide over the fixed panel.

Double hung with concealed balance

This double hung allows smooth vertical sliding of either sash. An optional tilt-in function for the lower sash allows for ease of cleaning.

Swing and Circle Window

A popular alternative to windows with traditional operating mechanisms are swing or pivot windows.  These windows are particularly suited for unusual mounting situations or in architecturally unique shapes.  For windows in locations that are out of reach, please contact our technical staff to discuss remote mechanical or electrical operation.

European single hung

The European single hung has a movable sash that pivots out from its fixed position and then travels vertically. The secondary sash can also operate with tilt, turn, or tilt-turn function. Extreme ease of operation and very large dimensions are made possible by a counter-weight hidden behind the jamb. Insulating properties match those of European tilt-turns.

Historical double hung

Historic double hung windows utilize the original style pulley, chain and counterweight for sash balance. Recommended when historic authenticity is required.