The Company

Bildau & Bussmann is one of the largest manufacturers of wood and wood clad windows and doors in Germany and has been in production since 1975.  From our roots as parquet installer and carpenter, we have developed into a successful and  innovative company.
Over the last 5 years we have automated about 90% of our production, enabling us to manufacture over 500 units per week.  In addition, we build exclusive windows and doors in specialized workshops to fit the customer’s exact requirements or historical specifications.
We are committed to growing our exposure and participation in international markets and are focused on understanding your market requirements that we can match the strength of Bildau & Bussmann windows and door products to your needs.

Quality in product and company structure

Bildau & Bussmann products are built for long life. To get the optimal and most durable combination of materials, we make specific demands of our suppliers’ material quality. Our customers throughout Europe and the USA benefit from our innovative techniques, mid-sized firm and lack of middleman: we now supply them with the best quality products at very competitive prices.
Going against the current trend in window production, our turnover has risen consistently in the last few years. Most recently, we were able to achieve a sales increase of about 35% compared with the previous year. We view this as a clear sign that our concept of high manufacturing standards combined with a cost-effective company structure is a successful one.

Customized Milling and Product Design

After decades of experience in window manufacture and with a practically limitless inventory of milling cutters for special historical profiles at our disposal, we can now build any window imaginable, from a tilt-turn to a double casement window to complex mulled units. In the United States of America we have completed several successful high-end custom home projects on both coasts.

Personal Contact : One of our Core Competencies

The entire process of marketing, sales and distribution for Germany, Western Europe and the USA is carried out from our Berlin office. From estimates and design engineering to the orders processing to delivery straight to your door, our engineers and English speaking staff provide the service you expect.
Send us a sketch with details of any additional features and we will give you a sample price. For any special projects that have to be constructed according to particular guidelines, e.g. conservation laws, we can send you detailed CAD drawings to clear up technical questions before your order goes to production. To get to know us personally and above all to familiarize yourself with our production methods, we offer tours of our facilities. Simply get in contact with us and we will gladly arrange an appointment.