Entry door – strap systems

The technology: the hinge allows for the continuous adjustment of the door within a tolerance of +/- 3 mm. Normally installed three hinges per door, the Strap system BAKA 3D protect utilizes two different straps to secure and adjust the door. The top and bottom strap hinges center the door and control the distance of the door to the frame stop, while the center strap adjusts the door up and down and in and out.

The high rigidity and security afforded by the BAKA 3D protect is a product of high strength precision milled internal mechanism. The moving parts which slide on bearings contribute to the stability and longevity of the hinges. The barrel of the strap system has a low profile and only extends out from the door 15 mm (5/8″). Other useful features include locking pins for out-swing doors, and availability in a variety of shapes for retrofitting existing doors. Variations also exist for the barrel design to adapt to various door designs. In addition, various finishes, including stainless steel, are available.