Hardware finishes

Our standard hardware (operating) systems are ROTO and GU.

Window handle

Windows and doors are fully prepared for window handle and door hardware application.  The client may at his option specify the desired hardware and it can be factory installed prior to shipping.  Or alternatively he can specify through us the hardware wanted, can have his hardware supplier send us the desired hardware, or can have his hardware delivered to the job-site for installation by his workmen.

We recommend suppliers such as well known manufacturers Hoppe or FSB for your hardware needs.

Hinge caps

Our window hinges are normally covered by small caps, which are available in a variety of standard colors as shown above.  Custom colors are also available on special orders. Please feel free to send us the color samples of your choice.

We offer concealed hinges as an alternative to the exposed hinge. These are completely hidden behind the sash, and offer visually pleasing simple lines.

Please note that concealed hinges are not available for all window styles (for example tilt-turn arch top casements), and the sash can be opened up a maximum of 90° when using the concealed hinge. For more information about our concealed fittings, please refer to our section on “Roto” fittings under type “R (Royal)”.

Top of sash: Standard hinge fitting without hinge cap Bottom of sash: Standard hinge fitting without hinge cap Concealed hinge

Upper sash opener

Sometimes it makes design sense to position windows much higher up the wall than is normal.  For these kind of installations we offer our uniquely designed upper sash opener.  Many of our customers use these mechanisms which are ideal for tall windows with operable arch or quadrant tops or operable transoms, to improve functionality and to obtain a more custom installation, adding value to your customer’s purchase.

By means of a manually operated lever, the window can be opened or closed from a convenient height.  The lever is affixed to the sash at whatever height is desired for manual operation or can be operated electrically from a remote position.  Many additional accessories are available to enhance convenient operation or security, please let us know what kinds of operations you would like and we’ll find the the best products available.

Burglary protection

Entry door – strap systems

BAKA protect 3D – The adjustable strap hinge for wood doors.

The strap system BAKA protect 3D with ex-center – adjustment is not only convenient, but sure.  These hinges are rated for high load values and are backed by the RAL Quality Mark.  The sophisticated technology of the strap system BAKA protect 3D provides optimal three-dimensional adjustment of the door by one person without the need of specialized tools.  The comfort-cam technology makes it possible that after the release of the integrated terminal screws the door will remain in its adjusted position without sagging.  These hinges are certified for use even with heavy doors up to 130 kg (286 lbs.) leaf weight. (more…)

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ROTO hardware

The optically superior and durable hardware components from ROTO are standard on all our tilt and turn windows and doors. Known for their easy adjustment and smooth gliding action, we have found ROTO’s low wear and tear combined with their easy-fit accessories and fewer parts to be the right match for our quality products. An anti-slam feature is standard with all ROTO hardware. (more…)

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