Protecting end-grain and V-joints

Avoiding water infiltration and avoid damage

We take special preventative steps to control water penetration problems in the areas of the window that are particularly sensitive to moisture infiltration.  As a durable preventative protection against moisture we apply specific sealers.  For end-grain wood we use “Kodrin WV 456” and for V-joints we apply “Kodrin WV 450” sealer directly after the application of the primer.  By taking these additional critical steps we ensure maximum durability and years of trouble free use.

Additional protection of end-grain wood
Wood windows will enjoy a long-term lifespan only if they are fully protected.  This is especially important at the weak points of construction, such as corner joints. Here, the adjoining pieces move in opposite directions from each other which can lead to small cracks at the v-joints.  If water is allowed to penetrate swelling, fungi, and coating damage may result.

For protection of end-grain wood we apply:
“Kodrin WV 456”, a colorless, deep penetrating waterproof sealer for smooth end-grain areas.

For protection of V-joints we apply:
“Kodrin WV 470”, a durably elastic, semi-translucent sealer appropriate for the protection of V-joints

Absorption of moisture in the case of untreated V-joints
A V-joint closed with "Kodrin WV 470" is waterproof