Waterborne coating systems, either opaque or translucent, have a market-share of more than 90% in the window industry in Germany – the largest and most important window market in Europe.  The market-share for waterborne systems in other European countries is greater than 50% and increasing.

The durability of the waterborne coating systems has been tested by extensive laboratory analyses and has many years of proven practical use.

For these reasons waterborne coating systems are now recognized as being in no way inferior to the solvent-based systems.   In summary, they possess these distinguishing high quality properties:

  • long-term durability
  • Environmentally friendly
  • high elasticity
  • high gloss stability
  • absolutely no noxious fumes – they comply with the DIN EN 71-3 “Safety for toys” and with the DIN EN 53160 “Salvia and sweat authenticity” (EN =European norm)
  • promotion of healthier working conditions

Crucial to successful applications of waterborne systems is the quality of the wood surface.  To obtain the finish we use a “state of the art” “hydro-planer” milling machine.

By using this planer we can make razor sharp cuts with wood surface tolerances of 0.001 inch! This is due to our milling cutter pivoting with a pressure of 300 APU.

Surface finished with sand paper: some cells are destroyed and therefore unable to provide a smooth surface for the coating.
Surface finished with a "hydroplaner": the cells are exactly sliced to provide a perfectly smooth surface for the coating.