Impregnation and Primers

We apply the approved Sikkens products, because they offer proven safety and effectiveness:

  • effectiveness is tested by professional testing institutes
  • coating products are environmental-friendly and not health-threatening
  • manufacturing standards are subject to strict quality control both internally and externally
  • formulation and application of the products ensure that the recommended film thickness is achieved in one coat

Protection against blue-stain fungus = EN 152.1 (European standard)
Protection against rot = EN 113 (European standard)
For example, according to DIN EN 350-2, spruce and redwood, are only classified as resistance class 3 or 4 (moderate to low durability).  However, by using a chemical treatment with the Sikkens dipping and flooding products, these types of wood can achieve class 1 durability – the highest durability rating possible.

Other advantages:

  • decreased moisture retention, especially at the end grain zones
  • reduced swelling and contraction movements of the wood
  • reduced visual irregularities caused by microbes and fungus (cloudy and pigmented patches) that appear on stained wood.
Bildau & Bussmann windows and doors are always impregnated via flooding