Colors & Shades

Customer demands for color are ever becoming ever more sophisticated.  Nowadays architects, designers, and end-users want more creative freedom for their designs.  Wood windows provide that flexibility and freedom in design, and in addition add beauty and warmth.

Please see the spectrum of available colors.  With wood windows you can demonstrate to your customer of the attractiveness and uniqueness of his project.

Bildau & Bussmann offers color and finish variations in more than 2,000 different shades.

Custom colors are no problem for Bildau & Bussmann.  If you or your customer would like a color that isn’t in the Sikkens color palette, simply send us a color sample and we will provide a custom color mix to your specification.

Shades on pine

For more accurate color determination you can be request our orignial glaze panels.

Shades on meranti, pine and larch

Shades – Bildau & Bussmann ( PDF )

Joinery Color Classics Collection ( PDF )

CETOL WF 950/955 Collection ( PDF )

The Bildau & Bussmann coating application includes 2 x 150-200 µm wet film thickness
The Sikkens color palette is available on request