Care instructions for the surfaces of wooden windows

The Sikkens care system consisting of the “special cleaner” and “Care lotion” make this possible easily and safely. Whether the windows are opaque glazed or transparent painted, the Care-set gives the windows a new gloss and protects them against adverse weather influence

Your customers do not need sandpaper or brush – just a rag and a few minutes of work are needed.

The water-soluble “special cleaner” cleans pores and dries quickly and leaves no residue – the ideal treatment of the window.

The “Care Milk” renews the shine of the paint and seals small cracks and damage such as those caused by hail damage can. The rain water runs off and can not penetrate into the wood.

The Care-set should used ideally two times a year in spring and autumn.

10-year warranty on the paint

If you follow the care instructions and certain structural prerequisites Sikkens gives a 10-year guarantee to your customer. Please ask for further information from us.

Le 1er soin, avec le « détergent spécial », nettoie la surface en profondeur
Ensuite, la « lotion d’entretien » s’applique à l’aide d’un chiffon doux, sans frotter ni polir.
La fenêtre est comme neuve et au mieux protégée contre les intempéries.
The first care, with the "special cleaner" cleans the surface thoroughly
Then the "Care Milk" with a soft cloth applied - no rubbing or polishing.
The window looks like new and is well protected from the weather.