SGG CLIMAPLUS – our standard product used in windows and doors
Product Description

SGG CLIMAPLUS is the SAINT-GOBAIN GLASS brand name for double-glazed units, which incorporate thermally insulating glass to provide a significantly improved, or very low, U-value.  SGG CLIMAPLUS double-glazing provides effective insulation by reflecting a large proportion of heat energy back into the building, which helps to reduce expenditures and  energy waste.

The temperature of the inner glass pane is closer to room temperature, which almost eliminates the formation of condensation, drafts and cold zones around areas of glazing. The SGG CLIMAPLUS range of double-glazed units is designed to bring greater comfort and energy efficiency to commercial and residential buildings alike.

Enhanced thermally insulating products available from SAINT-GOBAIN GLASS, which can be assembled into SGG CLIMAPLUS double-glazed units include: SGG EKOLOGIK , SGG PLANISTAR, SGG COOL-LITE K, SGG COOL-LITE SK and SGG SWISSPACER. The thermal insulating performance of the SGG CLIMAPLUS range can also be further improved by 0.1 – 0.3 W/m²K, by filling the cavity with an inert gas such as Argon.

For example, an SGG CLIMAPLUS double-glazed unit comprising:

  • 12mm air-filled cavity

achieves a U-value as low as 1.9 W/m²K. Compared to conventional glazing, this represents:

  • a 70% increase in energy savings, compared to single glazing with a nominal U-value of 5.7 W/m²K.
  • a 40% increase in energy savings, compared to conventional double glazing (4 – 8 – 4 mm unit), with a nominal U-value of 3.1 W/m²K.

The same double-glazed unit achieves a U-value of 1.6 W/m²K if the cavity is filled with Argon.

SGG CLIMAPLUS double-glazed units are manufactured in a similar manner to conventional SGG CLIMALIT units, strictly in accordance with BS 5713 : 1979 Specification for hermetically sealed flat double-glazing units.

Manufactured at ISO 9002 accredited plants in the UK, the two component panes of glass are cut to size, thoroughly cleaned and assembled vertically on either side of a hollow aluminum perforated frame or spacer bar.

The spacer bar is filled with desiccant to dry the air in the cavity. Special care in handling and processing the low-emissivity coated glass is taken to ensure their optimum appearance and performance in service.

Certain coated glasses, such as SGG PLANITHERM, are edge-stripped prior to assembly into units, in order to ensure good adhesion between the glass and sealant. SGG CLIMALIT units use the latest dual seal technology for enhanced performance and durability.

They are hermetically sealed around the perimeter with a primary seal of polyisobutylene and a main seal of polysulphide / polyurethane. A silicone main seal is also available on request.

Performance : Thermal insulation
The incorporation of one of the enhanced thermally insulating or low-emissivity glasses into an SGG CLIMAPLUS double-glazed unit significantly improves the overall thermal insulation properties or U-value, of a window.

The transparent metallic coatings applied to the glass reflect long-wave heat energy from internal heating sources back into a building, when the exterior temperature is cooler, and consequently reduce heat loss and energy waste. The nature of the low-emissivity coating is such that SGG CLIMAPLUS units also have a relatively high solar factor, which enables buildings to benefit from free passive solar energy.

Examples of SGG CLIMAPLUS double-glazed units with low U-values and high solar factors are tabulated below.
An improved level of comfort
SGG CLIMAPLUS double-glazed units improve the degree of comfort afforded by conventional double- glazing in a rooms. For example:

The suppression of cold zones around areas of glazing. When the external temperature is 0°C and the internal temperature is 19°C, the inner surface of an SGG CLIMAPLUS double-glazed unit incorporating SGG PLANITHERM FUTUR N can be as much as 15°C warmer than the inner surface of a single-glazed window. Therefore window areas and conservatories for example feel warmer and no longer need be excluded in cold weather, encouraging use throughout the year.
The reduction of cold drafts around windows (providing suitable framing is used).
The virtual elimination of the risk of condensation forming on the inner pane of the glass, since the surface temperature of the inner pane of glass is closer to room temperature, helping to prevent pools of water from forming and staining window sills, curtains etc.

Protection of the environment
SGG CLIMAPLUS double-glazed units contribute to the protection of our environment. By reflecting long-wave heat energy back into buildings, less heat energy escapes through areas of glazing, which reduces the amount of energy and fuel (electricity, oil, gas etc) required to heat the interior space. Contributing to the more efficient use of non-renewable fuels, enhanced thermally insulating glazing can help reduce the level of harmful CO2 emissions.

Heightened public awareness and various governing bodies are prompting a greater consciousness of energy consumption and efficiency. In preparation for proposed amendments to Building Regulations, which, in line with government policy, will require the use of more energy efficient and sustainable materials in building, SAINT-GOBAIN GLASS offers the SGG CLIMAPLUS range of enhanced thermally insulating glazing as an effective solution.

Thermal Insulation
Double-glazed type unit              Solar factor g EN 410           Centre Pane Glass U values
SGG CLIMALIT                                                                U Values (air cavities)    U Values (argon cavities)
12 mm    16 mm    12 mm    16 mm

6mm SGG PLANLUX – 12mm
Air cavity – 6mm SGG PLANILUX               0.76                        2.9           2.9           2.9           2.9

LOGIK                                                  0.69                         1.9            1.7           1.6            1.5

6mm SGG PLANLUX – 12mm
Air cavity – 6mm SGG EKOLOGIK

6mm SGG PLANLUX – 12mm Air cavity –
6mm SGG PLANITHERM                         0.64                        1.7             1.5            1.4           1.3

6mm SGG PLANLUX – 12mm Air cavity –
6mm SGG PLANITHERM FUTUR N          0.59                      1.6              1.4            1.3            1.1
Standard glass we use in our windows and doors