Entry Doors

Wooden doors

Individual design options

Entry Doors can be designed and produced from either our large catalog of previously produced doors or to suite you or your architect’s design or to match historical models.

Typical doors are produced in standard wood thicknesses of either 68 mm (2 3/4″), 79 mm (3 1/8″) or 90 mm (3 5/8″).  For reproductions or for historic door profiles the door thickness is determined by the design requirements.  Additional wood ornamentation to be applied to the door surface is also available to your exact requirements.

Wooden-aluminum doors

Innovation in Wood and Aluminum
The trend in innovative European markets towards wood aluminum-clad windows is also found with doors.  These doors offer the best of both durability, weather-resistance, and ease of cleaning on the exterior with the natural inherent beauty of wood on the inside.  The aluminum exterior is available in all matching window colors (color system RAL) and numerous special coatings and surface textures.  The aluminum exterior is affixed to the door with elastic PVC clips so that the natural ventilation and expansion properties of the wood core can be maintained.  By the extensive use of reinforcements, particularly in the corners, the aluminum frame and panel assembly is designed and built for years of trouble free service.  The particular advantages of the system can be summed up as:
  • Permanent protection against weathering with no maintenance required.
  • Improved insulating properties of the door as a whole, due to the air-chamber between the aluminum shell and the wood door.
  • The aluminum exterior protects the exterior wooden face of the door from moisture buildup.
  • Dissipation of temperature and humidity induced movements between the wood door and the aluminum face by use of flexible PVC clips.

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