Wooden-Aluminum Clad

On this page we introduce all the profile variations, inner and outer, for the wood aluminum-clad windows we produce in thicknesses of 68 mm (2 3/4″) , 79 mm (3 1/8″) and 90 mm (3 5/8″).

Limitations on sizes are determined by glass sizes available, solar coatings, and the inter-layer in the case of laminated glass.  With insulated units we can make your windows and doors up to 2700 mm (8′-10″) X 5000 mm (16′-5″), when using tempered glazing: windows 3200 mm (10′-6″) X 6000 mm (19′-8″) can be built, and by utilizing laminated glass: windows 2800 mm (9′-2″) X 6000 mm (19′-8″) are possible!

Inner Sash Variations

Inner sash variations are offered in three different versions: A : an o-gee curve, B : a smooth curve, and C : a straight rectangular form.
Each of the interior sash variations can be used with every aluminum profile system, except the Mira Classic system.  This provides over 30 different profile variations to meet your specific design requirements.
On request we would be pleased to send you our brochure showing all the profile variations in greater detail, both inner and outer, wood and aluminum.

Inner wing profile

Each of the inner wing profiles shown here: A, B, and C can be applied to any aluminum exterior profile system.

The only exception is the Mira Classic system.


Clad windows are our standard window fitted with an extruded painted aluminum exterior skin providing maintenance free installations.  This system can be combined with each of the sash profiles shown in the drawing 1-4.

Mira Therm

Mira Therm has been developed to meet today’s energy conservation needs.  With appropriate glazing this system provides the energy saving requirements to meet passive energy standards.

Contour VFM

Contour VFM is similar to the Mira system except that the sash cover is directly in line with the frame cover providing a smooth modern look.

Contour VF

Contour FL

Contour Integral

Mira Classic

Bronze Clad

Bronze-clad is the highest quality cladding system available.  The quality derives from that fact that the cladding is fabricated from solid bronze.  There simply is no more exclusive window system.