Wooden-Aluminum Clad

On this page we introduce all the profile variations, inner and outer, for the wood aluminum-clad windows we produce in thicknesses of 68 mm (2 3/4″) , 78 mm (3 1/8″) and 90 mm (3 5/8″).

Limitations on sizes are determined by glass sizes available, solar coatings, and the inter-layer in the case of laminated glass.  With insulated units we can make your windows and doors up to 2700 mm (8′-10″) X 5000 mm (16′-5″), when using tempered glazing: windows 3200 mm (10′-6″) X 6000 mm (19′-8″) can be built, and by utilizing laminated glass: windows 2800 mm (9′-2″) X 6000 mm (19′-8″) are possible!

Inner Sash Variations
Inner sashes can be milled in four different ways: tapered at a 10° angle, in an ogee curve (Smart Plus), rounded (Smart), or straight (see PDF). Distinctive looks from ultra-modern to classical designs can be achieved.

Each variation can be used with any cladding profile resulting in over 30 different variations.

Linea Classic

The design of our Linea Classic profile is based on our wood window so that they do not differ from each other visually. It is perfectly suited for all clients who are looking for the traditional aesthetic of a wood window while enjoying the comfort of a low-maintenance aluminum-clad window system.

Linea Passiva

The Linea Passiva system uses an innovative combination of materials: between the wood scantling and the aluminum cladding is an insulating PS foam layer. This makes for a thermal performance, wind load resistance and air permeability that meets the requirements of Passive House standard. It is compatible with all of our cladding designs.

Linea Plana

In the Linea Plana profile group the sash is flush with the jamb profile. This creates a minimalist look with a captivating simplicity.

Linea Antica

The profile group Linea Antica is inspired by the playfulness of historic wood window profiles. It fits into a more traditional old world aesthetic while providing all the benefits and comfort of a modern alu-clad window.

Linea Quadrata

The straight lines of the Linea Quadrata profiles are especially popular in modern architecture. This clarity combined with a recessed sash gives windows and doors a contemporary elegance.

Linea Integra

Linea Integra is a cladding system that does not have a visible sash. The IGU is held by a special profile which is covered by the jamb. This state of the art technique gives the aesthetic of a direct set with the function of operable units, which gives it a minimalist look.

Bronze Clad

Bronze-clad is the highest quality cladding system available.  The quality derives from that fact that the cladding is fabricated from solid bronze.  There simply is no more exclusive window system.