Historical Design

Windows with a sense of history. Many of Europe’s most culturally important monuments are fitted with replicas from our workshops.

The core value of our business is our ability to perform custom historical designs. We reconstruct our windows and doors in every detail just like the original, whether they are exact replicas or composite copies with modern interior faces and historically accurate exteriors.

Over the past 20 years, we have participated in the reconstruction of hundreds of architecturally significant renovation and conservation projects.  These range in scope from small homes to large-scale projects with more than a thousand elements (villas, universities, museums).  All utilize historical models, profiles, and construction techniques. We achieve fidelity to the original design not only in profile shapes, glazing, and hardware, but also by using original joinery techniques, surface finishing, and gluing.

By virtue of the sheer number of historical projects we have consulted on and produced, we are well know as one of the largest producers of historical elements in Europe.  Upon request, we will be pleased to send you drawings of representational historical projects we have done.

Double Sash / Box Windows

Historically accurate double box windows.

Often compliance with the historical building reconstruction or renovation requires the use of double sash box windows.

Utilizing our extensive experience with historical construction, we have perfected the manufacture of this type of window.  We can now produce these windows inexpensively with Building Department Certificates of Compliance, using our automated modern production lines and facilities.  We have incorporated historically accurate elements, including historically accurate sash, mullions, transoms, beveled sash bars, exterior sash drip profiles, and true-divided lites.

Frequently in response to the need for a window that meets modern energy conservation requirements, we have provided inner sashes with multilayer insulating glazing to protect against temperature differences and exterior ambient noise.

Operational and aesthetic hardware concerns are also of utmost importance to us.  We can provide period hardware with modern functionality.

IV69 and EV38