Testing: How and why?

The object of hurricane testing is to determine if the products can clinically withstand worst-case hurricane conditions so as to maintain a building’s envelope, thus protecting the integrity of the structure itself. To do this, windows and doors including jambs are mounted into pressurized frameworks simulating real building installations, and subjected to structural, air, and water infiltration tests.

The same units are then impacted at specified points on glass, frame and mullions with a large missile (7’ long 2 x 4)  fired on end, then subjected to pulsing air pressure for more than 3000 cycles, simulating the real wind oscillations of an approaching and passing hurricane.

Frames may flex but not break, glass will crack upon impact but must not puncture or release from the sash, and seams must remain water-tight. Locking hardware must restrain all sashes securely in their closed positions.

Impact Test 04

Cycle Test 02