Hurricane Program

We have developed a sophisticated line of impact resistant products that have been tested and certified to comply with the highest existing Florida codes.
The international product palette includes an extensive range of window and door types and options, which can be combined seamlessly to achieve functionally and aesthetically integrated solutions. Concealed steel reinforcements make these doors and windows as strong as they are beautiful, and capable of spanning large openings – single panes up to 90″ x 120″ are approved.
A lengthy list of optional woods (including Siberian Larch from sustainable forestry), interior glazing, SDL profiles, cladding, and glass types guarantee first class architectural solutions for the most stringently demanding high-end projects.

Testing and Approvals

All window and door assemblies and systems in our program are approved for the HVHZ (High Velocity Hurricane Zone) of the Florida Building Code (including Miami-Dade County) in accordance with FBS Test Protocols TAS 201, 202, 203-94 & ASTM  E1300-04. Parameters of approval are:

Impact products, features and dimensions

PDFs: Construction Specs

Certification online

Testing: How and why?